Lightning Protection System

  • ABB Lightning Protection System
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    ABB Lightning Protection System

    • If the area to be protected is a dangerous area, lightning conductor can be installed outside
    • Possible to protect several buildings with the same lightning conductor
    • Economic
    • Possible to protect a structure and its surrounding environment at the same time
    • Protection of open zones
    • Can be integrated seamlessly and discreetly into the building structure
  • Copper Wire
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    Copper Wire

    Innovern Engineering is one of the best Lightning Protection System installer in the country. Also supply best quality LPS Products including Copper Solid Wire.

    Size: 30 mm2 for ClassI / 60 mm2 for ClassII
    LPS Class: Class I / Class II
    Dia: 6mm/7mm/7.5mm/8mm/8.25mm/8.5mm/9mm/9.5mm/10mm
    Materials: Copper