ESE Lightning Protection System

ESE Lightning Protection System

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminal advanced lightning protection system. In this system the air terminal triggers the continuous upward leader before any other object within its radius of protection. This feature is referred to in the regulations as the advance time of an ESE air terminal (ΔT). The earlier the upward leader is triggered, the larger is the distance where the downward leader is intercepted, thus protecting a greater area against
lightning (standards limit it to ΔT≤60 μs). It is tested by Withstand current test: 100 kA (10/350 μs).

In ongoing collaboration with its Research Centerlab, ABB continues to innovate, and has developed a new generation of lightning devices. The new OPR (Optimized Pulse Rod) range with increased initiation advance performances, represents further progress in terms of protection, operating autonomy and ease of maintenance.
These advancements reinforce ABB’s position as international leader in direct lightning protection.

The unique efficiency of the OPR lightning conductor is based on a specific initiation advance ; well before the natural formation of an upward leader, the OPR generates a leader that rapidly propagates to capture the lightning and direct it to earth. Validated in laboratory, this gain in time relative to the simple rod provides additional essential protection.

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