Lightning Protection Service

Lightning Protection Service

Our LPS Services

Site Surveys for Lightning Protection System

Information is gathered on a potential installation site by Innovern’s fully qualified team to provide the data for risk index calculation and other analysis. This enables our engineers to develop comprehensive protection strategies and plans aligned to actual needs.

Design and Drawing for LPS

Innovern Engineering uses the most sophisticated CAD systems available so that we can deliver the best design to you. Data gathered during the site survey is analyzed to provide the optimum Lightning Protection solutions. Innovern Engineering also ensure you that the design of the protection system will comply with standards.

Supply of Top Quality Products for LPS

Quality installations demand quality products. Innovern Engineering’s highest priority to supply efficient and safe product, with innovative technology offering longevity in service, quality performance. To produce the LPS products we are follow the guide line of UL which ensure the products complies with the standards,

Top Class Installation Service

Our installation team is made up of fully accredited and qualified engineers, team–leaders, technicians, and installation worker who have experience installing various LPS projects. Thus our team is equipped to undertake any project from simple, small scale installations to the most complex and demanding technical challenge.

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We are also doing Modification or rectification work for the existing. Sometimes modification is necessary for relocation of the structure.

We are offering the periodical inspection for the existing Lightning Protection System (LPS). Periodical inspection is a very necessary job for the LPS as it installed on the roof top and fighting with the weather condition of every season.

Earthing system of LPS is the most important part of a lightning protection system. It is necessary to keep the low resistance in the earthing system to ensure the best level of lightning protection. We are doing the test and take necessary step to obtain the desire result.

The complete Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system is used installed for protect the structure against lightning. There are 5 main part of lightning protection system, the strike termination device, the meshed conductors, the down conductors, the equipotential bonding  and the grounding system. The complete system form to connect the each part of lightning protection. The working principle is very simple of a protection system.

Lightning Protection Service

Lightning Protection Service