Lightning Protection System in Bangladesh.

Lightning Protection System in Bangladesh.

Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena.

Lightning strike present a real and significant threat to life, to the structures in which we live and work, and to the electronic systems which support us in our daily lives.

The consequences of lightning can be devastating. Direct lightning strikes damage structures, and create fire, explosion and electric shock hazards.


Indirect lightning creates transient overvoltage’s which degrade electronic system disrupt essential services. It is significant that indirect lightning can run up to a kilometer away from the place where lightning occurred.

Innovern Engineering has an experienced engineering team which ensure you a cost effective design with best protection level of Lightning Protection as per NFPA 780, BS EN/IEC-62 305.

Studies by the American Geophysical Union confirm that conventional lightning protection systems are highly effective in reducing lightning-caused fires and damage to buildings and structures. Specifying compliance with NFPA standards is key to safe and effective lightning system performance.

Major elements of lightning protection

  • Air Termination Device
  • Meshed Conductor Network
  • Grounding Terminal Network
  • Equipotential Bonding
  • Surge Protective Device


All kinds of fittings and accessories made by copper, aluminum or brass are available for any type of structure at anywhere in Bangladesh. And all of our LPS goods are producing by strictly following NFPA780 and UL96 Standards.



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